About the KGZ-Water/Issyk-Kul Project (2014-2017)

Components of the KGZ-Water/Issyk-Kul Project

Component 1. Cooperation

Experience and information exchange among organizations and ongoing Projects on the territory of Issyk-Kul Oblast. Carrying out of joint events and campaigns with involvement of wide range of stakeholders, including NGOs and public. Development of Environment Monitoring Strategy (Institutional) under close cooperation with National Partner Ministries/Agencies/Institutions. Read more about the Cooperation Component

Component 2. Assessment

Issyk-Kul environmental database formation based on collected information, analysis and assessment of Issyk-Kul Oblast environmental status. Awareness raising activity and improvement of informational system). Read more about the Assessment Component

Component 3. Laboratory

Сapacity building of existing environmental laboratories, including comprehensive support to Cholpon-Ata Environmental Laboratory in terms of its accreditation in accordance of ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, through organization of its participation in the international proftests and interlaboratory comparisons; increasing of Lab personnel skills and qualifications and required technical support. Read more about the Laboratory Component